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Dear partners,

Due to technical issues, the registration form widgets in the "Promo" section may not be displaying correctly on third-party websites. We kindly advise you to temporarily refrain from using them. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation!

Branded keywords

A friendly reminder to all our partners: please remember clause 4.6 in the Affiliate Agreement. It states that the use of Brand Queries (branded keywords) in any contextual advertising is prohibited. Violations of this policy may result in fines and potential account suspension. Please be careful and stick to this recommendation. Thank you!

VIP for a week

Special event exclusively for Gold status traders!

For an entire week, they will enjoy all the benefits of being a VIP trader, including:

✔️Personal Manager

✔️RFT 5$

✔️$5 No Deposit Bonus

✔️Deposit Bonus



To activate these bonuses, traders simply need to send a message to the support chat and request a personal manager call📞

Event Dates: July 12-18

Geos: LatAm, UA, TR, VN

Status: Gold traders

This is a fantastic opportunity to motivate your traders to upgrade their statuses and increase their deposit amounts

July promo code

This week, we have a special offer that you won't want to miss out. Follow our Telegram channel now and be the first to receive the special promo code!

Big news, partners!

We have an exciting update for you. Have you noticed the changes on our updated Home page? There's something new waiting for you🎉

Introducing an opportunity to attract traders not only to Binomo but also to Stockity. Choose a plan, copy the referral link, and start sharing it with your audience.

Here are the available plans:

🔝 Binomo Turnover Share

🔝 Binomo Revenue Share

🔝 Stockity Turnover Share

Click on "Plan details" to learn more about the platforms, plan conditions, and rules. You can view your statistics separately for each profit plan and take your partnership with us to new heights.


5ST trades are now available for trading on the Binomo platform!⁣

5-seconds trades is a new trading mechanic that allows traders to make super-fast trades closing in just 5 seconds.

Here's everything you need to know:

– 5ST requires 1s timeframe and Line or Mountain chart type

– Each trade can be completed within a 5-second timeframe

– Available on the new version of the chart

– Traders can only place one trade and once it is completed, they can open a new trade

– Available for Crypto IDX and OTC, NDX/USD, DJI/USD assets

Telegram Contest Winners Revealed

Telegram Contest Winners Revealed! 🎉 Curious to know if you're among the lucky winners? Head over to our Telegram channel right away and find out if fortune has smiled upon you! Thank you for participation. We have more exciting contests, promotions, and valuable content coming your way

Technical news

Hello, partners! 

2023-06-19 due to holidays on NY stock exchange only OTC and crypto assets will be available

Communication Policy

We have an important update in our Communication Policy. We have added a new clause 5.10 that requires your attention:

5.10. It is forbidden to promote the following in the alias of a trader account displayed on the platform's leaderboard:
• advertising of social networks, channels (examples of aliases: "TG_name," "INST_name," "YT_name" and others), phone numbers, and other personal information;
• advertising of communities, goods, or services;
• using profanity;
• and using any other means to violate the provisions of the Communication Policy stated in clause 4.2.

Telegram contest

Exciting news! Join our Telegram contest for a chance to win a one-on-one session with a Personal Manager!

How to enter:

1️⃣ Subscribe to our Telegram channel

2️⃣ Comment with your refcode under the contest post

3️⃣ Stay tuned for the winners' announcement


Three lucky winners will enjoy an exclusive session with a Personal Manager, diving deep into Trading Basics.

During the session, you'll:

– Gain insights into trading fundamentals

– Understand market trends

– Learn Forex and Fixed Time Trade differences

– Discover effective strategies for news events

– Master market rules

– Explore popular indicators and strategies

– Manage risks effectively

Follow our Telegram channel for more details