Traffic Rush

The race for $57,000 begins! Welcome to the 2-month Traffic Rush challenge, Ranger!

From October 18 to December 8:

- Attract traders and increase their activity

- Earn points and follow the leaderboard 

- Get into the Top and grab your piece of the $57,000 prize pool

You will get to one of 4 groups depending on the quantity of your FTDs for September:

Green Class / 1st place $5,000 / 2nd place $2,000 / 3rd place $1,000

Blue Class / 1st place $7,000 / 2nd place $3,000 / 3rd place $1,500

Yellow Class / 1st place $10,000 / 2nd place $5,000 / 3rd place $2,000

Red Class / 1st place $12,000 / 2nd place $6,000 / 3rd place $3,000 

Get ready to become the best traffic ranger and get top places in your group! 

*the offer is valid for Revenue/Turnover Share partners only

Race to the Top Contest: Week 2 winners

Discover the winners of the Race to the Top and see who took home $800, $500, and $300 here

Stockity YouTube Contest: Indonesia

The results of Stockity YouTube Contest: Indonesia! They took home cash Oscars:

🏆$300 - 00af42971937

🏆$150 - 6550ef03b570

🏆$150 - 59dbc78c8b67


Video Creator Awards

- Create a video about trading with Binomo

- Upload it on your YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok

- Share the link under this post by 1st of November

- Get likes

The participant with the most likes will receive $300. Plus, 2 more randomly selected challenge participants will get $150 each. 

Video requirements:

✔️Must be filmed and uploaded during the challenge period (Oct 10-31)

✔️Duration should be at least 30 seconds

✔️Must not violate the Communication Policy

✔️The video title should include 'Binomo'

✔️Video topic – Trading on the Binomo platform

The more video links you share, the higher your chances of winning and receiving random prizes.

Create, participate, and earn cash!

*the offer is valid for Revenue/Turnover Share partners only

AstroPay Explained

Want your traders to deposit more? Suggest using AstroPay wallet for speedy transactions

Check out our latest article 'AstroPay Explained' available in the Education section (EN)🔗. This guide explains how to open an AstroPay wallet and deposit funds on the platform. Feel free to share the instructions on your socials to encourage traders to deposit.

Plus, the new event 'Pay with AstroPay' (IN) offers extra benefits for your traders:

– Traders make a one-time deposit of $20 or the equivalent amount in another currency using AstroPay as their payment method 

– Each participant receives a package of Risk-Free Trades worth 5% of his or her deposit amount 

–The Risk-Free Trades can be found in the 'Bonuses' section

 From AstroPay's side, traders will receive a 400 rupees cashback (*limited offer)

Race to the Top Contest: Week 1 winners

Curious about the winners of our Race to the Top contest's first week? Head over to our Telegram channel now to discover who secured the prizes of $800, $500, and $300! 

The clock is ticking, but fear not! There are 3 weeks left for you to sprint to the finish line and claim your prize. Buckle up!

FTD, VIP offer

The promotion has been extended for the entire month of October – Get $30 for every VIP trader you bring in! Plus, if you're an active* partner, you'll receive an extra $3 for each FTD! 

Race to the Top: India Conversion Contest

Race to the Top: India Conversion Contest starts now🏁

Every week of October 3 partners with IN traffic with the highest CR2 will receive prizes from $300 to $800. 

At the end of the month we will give away one more prize — $800!

What are the prizes?

Evey week:

🥇1st palce — $800

🥈2nd place — $500

🥉3rd place — $300

How to participate?

- A minimum of 50 Regs

- A minimum of 40% CR2*

- Your Regs amount should be equal to or higher than your average Regs from July to September 2023

- Only IN traffic counts

Kindly note that offer is valid for Revenue/Turnover partners only

More details here. Are you in?🏎

Trading Titans: Battle of the Best

VIP Tournament: Trading Titans is still in full swing and guess what?

You still have a golden opportunity to earn:

💰 $5 for every trader registration in Trading Titans

💰 $5 for each trader rebuy

We've already provided you with ready-to-post materials and all the event details here. So, what are you waiting for? 

Stockity YouTube Contest: Indonesia

A $300 video challenge: attract traders and compete for a prize💲

Your new challenge — Stockity YouTube Contest: Indonesia! 

🗓September 15-24:

- Make a video about trading on the Stockity platform

- Put it on your YouTube channel

- Get some well-deserved likes

Did you make a really cool video? 

Then take home your Oscar — $300 for the most likes

Or be one of 2 lucky winners who will randomly receive $150 each.

*for partners with ID traffic

🎬The red carpet and $300 await

More information can be found in the Contests section